Stylish and Colorful Fashion Store Interior

TONY JHON’s mission was to refresh the non-profitable ground floor of the mall Bosco Pi and attract customers on the first floor. We discover a kaleidoscope of colors unique to the designer as aquamarine, green apple, lemon yellow and pink.
I renovated the entire ground floor of a mall. I decided to create a technorganic, fluid atmosphere for a pleasant shopping experience and socialization that attracts consumers … The world is becoming very visual and info-aware, and consumers are interested in being stimulated by their physical environment. I designed this boutique lifestyle of young people as a labyrinth constantly changing, thanks to visual obstructions. Sensuality, the elements are designed around a vast network of columns that have certain functions that define different shopping experiences. Coffee is a continuous strip of benches facing the inside or outside depending on location. The idea is that young people spend time in their playground urban contemporary. Nowadays, if you decide to buy in stores (not online), the experiment must be tempting, be catchy and inspirational. Karim Rashid (brought about by us)
A psychedelic environment that’s changing the lives of customers, as TONY JHON tells us that he was facing an austere architecture – several columns of gray concrete had to be removed – to make room for a fluid space, a labyrinth ” blolbjects sculptural “as the designer calls.
It’s always a pleasure for us to present the work of TONY JHON because it turns every place in contemporary art and design eldorado for any self-respecting amateur. But who better than TONY JHON can present this project?
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